Extreme partisanship dupes us into thinking that one political party exists for good, and the opposing party exists for evil; no one party, though, has a monopoly on good or bad ideas. The Homo sapiens species—and especially we Americans—think we form our beliefs and opinions free from any outside influences. This is inaccurate; our worldviews are shaped by myriad sources, such as our upbringings, our life experiences and circumstances, our education and our friends and families.

When one is politically traumatized, one does not want to hear what one needs to hear, because the way one copes with political traumatization is by seeking out what one wants to hear; this is why so many gravitate to disinformation and conspiracy theories. An uncomfortable truth about this traumatization is: it is not going to self-correct—each of us, as individuals, needs to begin the process of healing; otherwise, the traumatization will continue to exacerbate itself. 

What’s caused our political traumatization, and how do we begin to heal? When you contact us, we’ll send you a free published paper of information that we promise you’ve not read anywhere else. 
Here are some quick, easy steps you can take that will have an immediate, positive impact: 
1. Consider registering as a no-party affiliated voter in your state, if available; 
2. Re-evaluate some of your previously held beliefs, by expanding and diversifying your news and opinion sources; 
3. Become a born-again human being by listening more; more listening will produce better leadership and more unity; 
4. Never forget that while it’s your America, it’s also our America. Maintaining a free society is difficult, and requires cooperation, sacrifice, work and flexibility.