Hi, I’m Rich Logis, a born-again human being. I’m a happily married, small-business-owning dad to two girls. I used to be an in-demand political pundit for Republican/conservative media. Now, I’m committed to healing America’s political traumatization by bringing together communities and elected leaders to collaborate on nonpartisan economic, educational and quality of life solutions. I am not registered with any political party, but I am registered to vote!

As a pundit, my works and writings appeared on sites and radio shows listened to and read by millions of Americans. I was a guest on nationally-syndicated radio shows; some living outside the U.S. even listened to me. I was often invited to public speaking engagements. And I was writing the obligatory, hyper-partisan, fire-breathing book that was going to get me my own prime-time TV opinion show and professional podcast; in fact, I had a publisher interested in my manuscript.

I am grateful to have left behind that world of extreme partisanship, which brought out the worst in me, and created lots of blind spots; I don’t regret my time as a pundit, however, because it was an immensely valuable learning experience.

Many of our family members, friends and neighbors are politically traumatized. I founded Listen. Lead. Unite. because I know what this traumatization looks and sounds like, having gone through it, myself. Rather than dwell on the past, I want to look ahead, to continue the perfection of our Union.

Thanks for visiting Listen. Lead. Unite. We’re happy to have you here!