Listen. Lead. Unite.

MISSION STATEMENT: To heal America’s political traumatization by bringing together communities and elected leaders to collaborate on nonpartisan economic, educational and quality-of-life solutions.

Listen. Lead. Unite.’s definition of leadership:

One who never asks others to do what he/she doesn’t do;

One who is always honest, even at the risk of losing relationships, votes and/or money;

One who remains committed to his/her beliefs, but is also flexible.

To unite, we must first listen; people’s stories and circumstances matter, and we owe it to others to respect them as individuals. Understanding and attentive listeners are effective and uniting leaders.

Most Americans aren’t political, and don’t voraciously consume political news and punditry. When we listen in good faith, oftentimes we’ll discover that we agree with others on important issues more than we disagree, and share many similar goals and concerns.

No Republican or Democrat here; no liberal or conservative; no red or blue—just Americans and human beings: young Americans, senior citizens, working families and entrepreneurs. We’re very excited you’ve decided to join us in our efforts to heal America’s political traumatization.